Struggle No More with Invisalign® in Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Why are you smiling with lips closed? We get it. You are hiding the gap in your two front teeth, or perhaps, you are conscious about your crooked smile. It could also be that you are embarrassed about those bunch of metal components in your mouth! You see, traditional braces are not so ideal to be used in today’s time.

It’s time to make a switch! Metal braces are an orthodontic device of the past. We know an appliance that is designed to fit the people’s modern lifestyle – Invisalign. If you are an adult who wishes to straighten your teeth, you can surely benefit from the clear aligner. Just think about fixing your orthodontic problems more conveniently and comfortably because that is exactly what you will experience with Invisalign.

We at Sunny Isles Dental deliver Invisalign treatment in our office. Among the two options – braces and aligners – we believe that people prefer the latter. Why? Simply because Invisalign aligner is less noticeable, tray-like, and removable. It also offers a wide range of benefits other than the mentioned advantages.




The Happy Truths About Invisalign

Satisfied Patients

Well, it is not anymore surprising to know someone with Invisalign is fully pleased about their journey using the orthodontic device. The clear aligner provides superb result in less than a year; what more can patients ask? And for the record, the satisfaction rate of the patients wearing the appliance mushroomed to 96%.

Sold Worldwide

If you think Invisalign is solely a thing of the American people, you are mistaken. The company behind the clear aligner brand introduced the device in more than 45 countries all over the globe. That said, Invisalign appliance had been fixing the smiles of 2.5 million patients.

Overflowing Benefits

The main reason why people are opting for this type of orthodontic treatment is that it is awash with fantastic benefits. The removability of the oral device makes it easier for patients to clean both their teeth and the aligner. Its virtually invisible feature allows the person to smile wide and proud without looking unattractive due to metals. Plus, patients will no longer have to go on and off at the clinic to have the trays adjusted.


Straighter teeth with Invisalign® in Sunny Isles Beach, FL is attainable! Visit us at Sunny Isles Dental to know more about the treatment. You can find us at 17100 Collins Ave, Ste. 213 Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160.