How Long Do Crowns and Bridges Last, Sunny Isles Beach?

Dental crowns and bridges are what is termed as fixed prosthetic devices. These are very unlike dentures and other devices which are removable. Dental bridges and crowns, once in place, stay there permanently. Dental crowns can be cemented onto a tooth or teeth which are in existence as well as be used on top of dental implants. It is only a dentist who can remove them from the mouth once he or she has to.

A dental crown or cap is used to cover or form a protective shield on a tooth which is existing. It gives it a lot of strength and support. A dental crown can also be used for cosmetic purposes. This is when a tooth needs to get an unstained look or if it is too small or too narrow and needs some fortification. The dental crown can also be placed atop a titanium screw or the base portion of a dental implant to function as the tooth which the world sees.

Porcelain or ceramic crowns can be mixed and matched with the shade of one’s teeth. These can even be made with gold, metal alloys, acrylic, and ceramic. The latter is much more strong as compared to those made with porcelain ones. Hence, it is advisable to use this substance when it comes to the back teeth of a person.

When can all a crown be used?

In short, a dental cap or crown can be used in the following events:
to function in place of a large-size filling when most of the tooth has eroded away; to protect a tooth which is very weak and give it support so that it does not break up; to restore a tooth which is fractured or broken; for the purpose of attaching a dental bridge; to act as the outside or outer portion of a dental implant; to shield a tooth or teeth which are stained or yellowed; also to give a front end to a tooth on which root canal therapy or endodontic treatment has been performed.

What are dental bridges?

These are used when a person has a tooth or teeth which are missing. The gaps in the teeth cause the adjacent teeth to become weak and loose. In the end, even these adjacent tooth or teeth may fall off. A bridge is cemented onto an existing tooth or an implant. These are also referred to as abutments. They, in effect, serve as anchors for the placement of the bridge. A pontic is attached to these crowns which in turn cover the abutments. Bridges, too, like crowns, can be fashioned out of some substances. One can consult with a dentist about which substance will suit a given patient’s requirement and his or her budget. The best part is that crowns and bridges can even last the entire lifetime of a given patient. However, at times, they tend to become loose or even fall off. It is best to have good oral hygiene practices to ensure the longevity of dental crowns and bridges.
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