What are crowns and bridges? Why does your dentist recommend them?

Beaches remind us of happy people and an even happier environment. What makes up happy people? Their smiles! Yes. But what if there are defects to your smiles? Fret not! The Sunny Isles Dental Clinic, located at the Sunny Isles Beach, 33160, comprises of experts and professionals who are dedicated to providing you with happier healthier smiles, every day.

Advanced dental care and practices are undertaken to make sure that our patients, both young and old, leave the clinic with huge smiles on their faces. The team lead by Dr. George Georgiev has expertise in dealing with all the patients with love and affection. And making sure they feel comfortable and less anxious or stressed. The most advanced techniques and efficient technology are used by our team to provide with the dazzling smiles you all deserve. All measures are undertaken to provide you with a relaxing environment, so that you feel at home and can continue with whatever dental treatments you are here, with lesser anxiety.

Our clinic at the Sunny Isles Beach, 33160, provides with various surgeries- cosmetic and restorative, to make sure you always have the young, happy smiles you have always deserved. The crowns and bridges, as a method of securing your teeth, come under the category of restorative dentistry.

Since teeth are not self-repairing, they need maintenance and care all the time. With constant use, teeth can wear off and can decay. Sometimes simple fillings and can work wonders, but fillings cannot be used as a long-term solution to all the decay the teeth have to go through. To maintain your smiles permanently or for a very long period, dental crowns and bridges can work wonders.

Crowns are porcelain capping to cover a tooth perfectly. The tooth, no matter how damaged or decayed it is, can be preserved due to this method. It can not only just preserve your teeth, but also it can reshape them and can give you a better alignment. Crowns are specially designed for each tooth shape, size, and color before they are fixed to your damaged teeth. The newly repaired tooth works just as fine as the original one does.

However, when you miss a tooth or more than one tooth, there are gaps created due to that in your jaw. To fill those gaps, the bridging method is used. Bridges can act like gap fillers between missing teeth. They tend to span the space between the teeth which are missing. They are as functional as the original teeth.

Dental crowns and bridges are recommended by our team because –

  1. They tend to repair your worn out teeth to make them more functional.
  2. They replace the damaged teeth so that you can perform basic tasks in an easy and natural manner.
  3. To reinforce the actual strength of your teeth and also it improve their appearance.

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