Caring for Your Nightguards in Sunny Isles Beach, FL Made Easy!

For people who are suffering from bruxism, an oral appliance in the form of nightguard is the solution they need. The device prevents the upper and lower teeth from coming into contact so that the possibility of chips, breaks, and other potential damages can be prevented. Since bruxism usually takes place during sleep, patients are instructed to wear the device so that they can sleep comfortably.


Night Guard


Nightguards become a patient’s valuable tool that helps them protect their teeth while they get enough rest to keep on going every day. That said, it is only natural for them to properly care for the appliance so that it can serve its purpose excellently. To make this possible, here are some easy to follow tips we at Sunny Isles Dental have prepared.

Store nightguards properly

When not in use, patients should still care for the oral device so that it would stay in good shape. Make sure not to leave nightguards in the bathroom since the humidity and steam can cause it to warp.

Care for its case

Instead of just placing the nightguard anywhere, it is best to utilize its case. Not only will the case stay clean, but the possibility of being misplaced is lessened. To make sure that its case remains in good shape, cleaning it with a dishwashing soap is ideal. The case should be dried to prevent the case of bacterial growth.

Rinse after every wear

Patients are advised to rinse the oral appliance with warm water after wear to get rid of plaque and other harmful accumulations.

Brush the dental appliance

Aside from rinsing, it is best to gently brush the night guard with a toothbrush for a more effective clean. Take note that using toothpaste is not advised since it could be harmful due to its abrasiveness.

Make sure it dries properly before storing

Before putting the nightguard in its case, it should be dried to avoid bacterial growth. Place it in a clean, dry surface for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

Consider deep cleaning

Aside from cleaning the nightguard after every wear, deep cleaning once a week is ideal. The methods to try for deep cleaning is by using a denture cleaner, a vinegar and hydrogen peroxide solution, and a mixture of mouthwash and water.

Aside from all these, it is best if the patient brings the oral appliance during their routine visits. Doing so allows the dentist to monitor the state of their oral structures as well as the nightguards.


If you are suffering from bruxism, schedule your appointment with us at Sunny Isles Dental to get custom-made Nightguards in Sunny Isles Beach, FL! With this oral device, you are sure to combat the adverse effects of teeth grinding and clenching.