Dental 101: Know More about Bruxism – Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Bruxism or commonly referred to as teeth grinding and clenching is experienced by a lot of people, but they can remain unaware of its existence. It is mainly because it takes place unconsciously during sleep or waking hours. People may suddenly notice that they are clenching their jaws without any reason, and not think of it. A sudden change in the teeth length or shape? Know that it should be an apparent cause of concern! These are only some of the symptoms of bruxism.


Dental Checkup


For patients to be more aware of the condition, here are the other symptoms:

  • Sleep disruptions (patients, bed partners, or family members)
  • The sudden increase in teeth sensitivity
  • Neck, facial, jaw, and ear pain or soreness
  • A headache that usually starts in the temples
  • Worn down enamel that exposes the deeper layers of the teeth
  • Chipped, flattened, loose, or cracked teeth

Fortunately, there is a means to prevent the adverse consequences of bruxism, and we at Sunny Isles Dental happen to offer the perfect solution – Nightguards! As its name implies, one can tell that it is similar to the mouthguards used for protecting the teeth against damage during sports.

They do have the same mission: protect the teeth from coming into contact. Nightguards also redistributes the forces applied when grinding to prevent any fractures to the teeth. It can even stop a person from snoring by keeping the jaws slightly apart for the supply of air.


The Dangers of Bruxism

  • The teeth are more likely to wear down over time due to the continuous grinding and clenching motions. As a result, the deep layers of the teeth become more exposed to harmful factors that can lead to complications.
  • Teeth grinding and clenching apply excessive pressure on the jaw – this can eventually lead to the rise of TMJ or temporomandibular disorder which is very painful.
  • Unfortunately, it is hard to know if a patient has the condition before painful symptoms begin to manifest. As a result, the patient may only know its existence if the damage has been done.
  • It can lead to disruptions that can impact the good quality and quantity of sleep that everyone needs to keep on going every day. Sadly, bed partners and other family members can also be affected by this problem.

To have bruxism detected as early as possible, it is best for the patient to maintain routine dental visits. Aside from checking their teeth and performing regular hygiene practices, it is still best to seek professional assistance. Once spotted, our dentist at Sunny Isles Dental will recommend a nightguard to prevent the problem from worsening.


Get added protection to your teeth. Book your appointment with Sunny Isles Dental to have your Nightguards in Sunny Isles Beach, FL custom-created to combat the effects of bruxism. Our dental office is located at 17100 Collins Ave, Ste. 213 Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160.