sedation dentistry Sunny Isles Beach Fl

Sunny Isles Dental is one big family comprising of a team of doctors, dental hygienists, administrative staff and of course, our valued patients. Therefore, when you visit us, you are not just another patient coming for treatment; we make you feel a part of the family. You will automatically become one of our own and your treatment will be handled with great love and care, just as we would do to members of our families.

Our experienced team of professionals understand that every patient has anxieties and fears about dental care. Thus, we make it our responsibility to ensure the highest comfort level for each of our patients. We are dedicated to bringing down anxiety and fear to the lowest possible minimum or even completely get rid of it.

To achieve this, we have a television for every room. In addition, patients get noise cancelling headphones to help them relax while the doctor attends to him or her.

To ensure your comfort in the dental chair, you will be provided with warm blankets inside our private treatment rooms.

Our anxiety-free services include:

Light Oral Conscious Sedation

A prescription sedative is orally administrated to you, taking effect within an hour or so. Once it begins to work, you will feel as if you’re just taking a light nap while the doctor treats you.

You will be able to answer basic questions and respond to the doctor’s instructions, which may include turning your head or lifting your chin. The effect of this sedation wears off after a few hours, allowing the doctor to complete treatment in a pain free way.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Laughing Gas Sedation is safe for patients of all ages. Once the gas is mixed with oxygen, the patient feels relaxed while receiving treatment. You can feel its full effects in a few minutes. Once the treatment is complete, the nitrous effect is reversed by placing the patient on 100% oxygen supply for 5 minutes. You will be able to drive yourself home after treatment.


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