Nutrition and Dental Care

Our teeth are among the smallest parts of our bodies, but their importance outweighs their size. For a person to maintain good oral and overall health,a good diet is important. Unhealthy diets lead to low immunity and many diseases. This is because the body is not able to fight diseases. In fact, there is a connection between cardiovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease and diabetes and your oral health. At times, the dentist is able to diagnose some of these diseases before your doctor does.

The first process of food consumption starts in your mouth. When your teeth are not in good order, you are not able to enjoy the food. As you grow up, how you take care of your teeth determines how they develop. However as you grow older, the condition of your teeth is determined by how you take care of them.

Eating For Better Dental Health

Water helps to keep the mouth moist at all times. In case your mouth is not moist, chew a sugarless gum or candy to stimulate saliva. Saliva works to protect the hard and soft oral tissues. Fermentable foods are good when taken together with other kinds of food. When taken alone, they increase chances of tooth decay.

Vegetables and fruits contain a high amount of fibre and water, which provide a moist environment in the mouth. Foods such as apples and carrots are good to exercise the teeth with. The vitamin C in them ensures quick healing for wounds and also keeps the gums healthy.

Green tea prevents tooth loss, increases alkalinity in the mouth, reduces inflammation, maintains a fresh breath, slows down the development of oral cancer and creates an atmosphere where cavity-causing bacteria cannot develop.

Incorporate these foods into your diet for better oral health.

FoodsThat Affect Your Dental Health Negatively

Foods that are high in sugar stick to the teeth and promote germ buildup. Highly acidic foods are known to corrode the enamel.

Avoid excess intake of carbonated beverages, candies, alcohol, vinegar and sticky foods for better dental health

Nutrients thatpromote oral health

Phosphorous and Calcium assist in tooth structure and enamel reminerization. Zinc, Vitamin A, foliate, Omega 3 fats, vitamin D, Antioxidants and iron help in increasing immunity against dental disease.

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