All About Teeth Extraction, Sunny Isles Beach

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Extraction is the process of separating one substance to another. Just like extraction, Teeth extraction is a process or procedure of removing teeth from its roots in the bone. Tooth extraction is often needed when a patient has tooth decay, gum disease, improper fitting of dentures and teeth realignment.


Top 5 reasons Why there is a Need to remove Teeth

  1. Infection

Infection caused by tooth decay, cavity, oral diseases might affect the overall system of the body Bacterias travels through blood vessels and blood vessels circulates throughout our body through this, bacterias can spread causing different complications in the body. It is important to remove the root of infection to avoid the bacteria from spreading.

  1. Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth (third molars) come out during adult stage causing overcrowding of teeth that leads to an impacted tooth(the tooth that doesn’t push through the gum). Having impacted wisdom teeth cause so much pain that it needs to be removed.

  1. Dentures

Teeth extraction is needed for some patients when a tooth gets in the way of dentures. By this the patient will have a proper fit of dentures.

  1. Teeth Realignment

Some patients need teeth extraction to realign teeth and move into place.

  1. Periodontal Issue

Some tooth needs to be extracted since it may cause periodontal diseases such as gingivitis. Due to gum swelling, the tooth become loose that leads to inflammation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Teeth Extraction


  • Proper alignment of the remaining teeth and providing beautiful and healthier smile.
  • Prevents damage to other teeth and gums by removing the early roots of wisdom tooth.
  • Proper fit of denture.


  • After the Teeth extraction procedure, gums tend to swell and cause pain.
  • It can develop sinus infection.
  • After removal, a pit structure is formed .This could serve as a ground for bacterial growth causing infection.

What to do after Tooth Extraction?

After the tooth extraction procedure, the patient is advised to recover at home. Here are few things that you need to do after tooth extraction:

  1. Take medication

After the procedure patients are given prescribed painkillers to ease the pain from the tooth extraction.

  1. Use Gauze pads

After extraction, the dentist provides gauze pads for you to bite firmly . Biting provides pressure to the gums thus stopping bleeding.

  1. Warm salty water

Rinse your mouth with warm salty water. By doing this, the patient increases the alkalinity of the mouth that refrains the bacteria from spreading.

  1. Gentle Brushing and Flossing

After the process, the gum is sensitive. Gentle brushing and flossing is advised for the patients.

  1. Rest

Relax for the next three days after tooth extraction. Avoid heavy activities, it can cause bleeding due to an increase of blood pressure.

Knowing about tooth extraction can help the patients consider the things to do before and after the procedure.

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