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We understand everyone wants to retain their natural teeth for a lifetime. And that’s the ideal everyone should aspire to. With optimal oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings, everyone can make their natural teeth last a lifetime. However, situations like severe dental decays (left untreated), impacted wisdom teeth, and extreme pain may necessitate tooth extractions to preserve/ protect the surrounding teeth.

At Sunny Dental, we only perform tooth extractions as a last resort, i.e., if there are no other means to protect your teeth. Furthermore, we recommend a bone graft after tooth extraction to preserve the underlying jawbone and facilitate dental implants later. Please contact our exceptional dentists to learn more about extractions and bone grafting in Sunny Isles Beach, FL.

Tooth Extraction Bone Grafting

Tooth Extraction Near Me in Sunny Isles Beach, FL

As the name suggests, tooth extraction is a procedure wherein a tooth is removed if damaged, decayed, or impacted. In some cases, affected or decayed teeth can put the surrounding teeth and overall oral health at risk. When that happens, it’s better to remove the compromised tooth rather than risk overall oral health.

At Sunny Dental, we use the most effective anesthetics to ensure the procedure is painless and comfortable at all times. The dentist discusses your anesthetic options to recommend the ideal sedation technique for you. They only proceed with the treatment once you’re comfortable. Furthermore, after the tooth extraction is complete, we provide a detailed home care plan for optimal recovery.

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Reasons for Dental Extraction

  • Severe Dental Decay: If the bacterial infection spreads into the tooth’s center (pulp chamber), you may need a root canal treatment. However, if you don’t get a root canal on time, you may eventually need an extraction.
  • Periodontal Disease: This is an advanced gum disease wherein the gums, alveolar bone, and periodontal ligaments are infected. In some cases, periodontal disease can loosen the teeth, necessitating dental extraction.
  • Impacted Teeth: Dental extractions are often necessary if one or several teeth are blocked from coming out completely. The gums may prevent them from fully erupting, which can cause overcrowding or infections or the surrounding teeth.
  • Overcrowding: Dental extractions are often necessary to eliminate overcrowding in the mouth, which can pose several orthodontic challenges. Tooth extraction may also be a part of your orthodontic treatment plan.
  • Accidents: You may need a broken tooth extraction if your tooth is severely damaged due to injuries, accidents, or trauma.

Types of Dental Extraction

  • Simple Extraction: When the damaged tooth is completely visible, the dentist can pull the tooth using forceps under local anesthesia.
  • Surgical Extraction: When the tooth is impacted, i.e., stuck under the gumline, the dentist may need to perform oral surgery. The dentist cuts the surrounding soft tissues and splits the impacted tooth into multiple pieces to remove it piecemeal.

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Call to schedule an

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Bone Graft after Tooth Extraction

Bone grafting is when the dentist places a bone graft material into the empty socket left behind after tooth extraction. The bone graft material may be derived from another part of your part, another person, an animal, or a donor bank. Your dentist will discuss all your options and recommend the ideal bone grafting material for you.

Dental Bone Graft

Reasons for Dental Bone Graft

  • Preserve the Jawbone: After a tooth is removed, the jawbone tissues underneath gradually get resorbed, i.e., they disintegrate. Without sufficient jawbone tissues, your lower face will start sagging, making you look old.
  • Bone Graft before Implant: If you want dental implants, you need to have sufficient jawbone tissues to support the implant. Bone grafting after tooth extraction preserves the jawbone, thereby keeping your options open.

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Call to schedule an

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Tooth Extractions & Bone Graft FAQs

What is a bone graft after tooth extraction?

A bone graft after a tooth extraction is a procedure that helps to preserve the bone in the area where the tooth is removed. During the procedure, bone graft material is placed into the socket to replace the lost bone and promote healing.

Who performs dental extractions?

Dental extractions may be performed by dentists or oral surgeons with sufficient training and experience. At Sunny Dental, your dental extraction will be performed by Dr. George, Dr. Dina Bobrova, or Dr. Lina Torres.

Why do I need a bone graft after tooth extraction?

A bone graft after a tooth extraction is necessary to preserve the natural shape of the jawbone and prevent further bone loss. This is important if the extracted tooth is a molar, as molars support the other teeth. Bone grafts also help maintain the natural contour of the jawbone and prevent changes in the appearance of the face.

What is the best dental bone graft material?

The best synthetic bone graft material is hydroxyapatite because of its hardness, bio-compatibility, and ability to encourage bone regeneration. However, your dentist may also recommend bone graft materials derived from other parts of your body or other donors.

How long does a tooth extraction take to heal?

The soft tissue takes 3 to 4 weeks to heal completely. However, you can resume most of your daily activities and work after 72 hours — the healing can continue in the background.

What to expect after tooth extraction and bone graft?

After a tooth extraction and bone graft, you can expect some swelling, discomfort, bleeding, and numbness in the area. You will need to take antibiotics as your dentist prescribes. Your dentist may suggest you use a special rinse or mouthwash to help reduce the risk of infection. Follow the instructions provided by the dentist.

How long do stitches stay in after tooth extraction and bone graft?

Dissolvable sutures are used in most dental extractions and bone grafting procedures. As such, the sutures will gradually dissolve in 5 to 7 days. If not, the dentist may remove the sutures during a follow-up session in a week.

When can you eat after tooth extraction?

You should eat soft and cold foods for at least 24 hours after the tooth extraction. However, you can resume your normal diet gradually after 48-72 hours.

What not to do after tooth extraction?

  • DON’T rinse or spit for 24 hours.
  • DON’T use a straw for 24 hours.
  • DON’T drink tea, coffee, or other hot beverages for 24 hours.
  • DON’T eat hard and crunchy foods for 24 hours.
  • DON’T smoke for a few days.
  • DON’T lie down flat — prop your head on a pillow.

Will my insurance cover my tooth extraction?

Your insurance may cover your tooth extraction if the procedure is deemed medically necessary. However, insurance coverage varies from one situation to the next, and all providers have unique terms. Our dental clinic staff will assess your insurance details to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for coverage.

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

The cost of a tooth extraction can vary greatly depending on the type of tooth that need to be extracted, the location of the dentist, and other factors. Generally, extraction costs may vary depending on the tooth location, the type of anesthesia used, or other factors.

How much does a tooth extraction cost without insurance?

The cost of a tooth extraction without insurance will vary depending on the type of extraction needed and the dentist’s location. Generally, extraction can go as high as $300 or more depending on the factors like your tooth’s condition and the type of anesthesia you need for the tooth extraction.

How much does a tooth extraction cost with insurance?

The cost of a tooth extraction with insurance will vary depending on the insurance plan and the type of extraction and anesthesia needed.

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Tooth Extraction/ Bone Grafting at Sunny Dental

Sunny Dental is the most advanced and luxurious dental clinic in Sunny Isles Beach. We specialize in the most effective techniques to remove severely damaged and decayed teeth while protecting the underlying jawbone structure. We recommend bone grafting after tooth extractions to prevent lower face sagging and ensure the patient’s dental implant options remain open. Please schedule an appointment or call us at (305) 944-7706 to learn more about tooth extraction and bone grafting.