Teeth Whitening in
Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Just like every part of your body, your teeth are subject to wear and tear. Your teeth gradually darken with age, use of tobacco and alcohol, and consumption of certain foods such as tea, coffee, etc. Professional teeth whitening can help loosen the stains on the enamel and restore teeth back to their healthy white shine. At Sunny Isles Dental, we provide in-office as well as take-home teeth whitening solutions. Some of our packages include a combination of clinical and home-based treatment, in order to help you obtain maximum results.

Teeth Whitening in Sunny Isles Beach, FL

In-Office Smile Whitening

You have that really important interview, or a big date, or a wedding to go to, but the yellow stains on your teeth are ruining your look and confidence. Worry not! Fix an appointment at Sunny Isles Dental for an In-office whitening treatment. We offer KoR and Zoom! Whitening, which removes years of discoloration and stains from your teeth in just one or two visits. These are peroxide-based formulas that naturally loosen stains from the tooth enamel. We also have an acceleration light that speeds up the process to give you faster results.

Take-Home Smile Whitening

Sunny Isles Dental also offers custom whitening trays that help you whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home. Depending upon the shade of your teeth, all need to do is wear the trays for thirty to sixty minutes per day, for one or two weeks. Touch-ups are also easy, they need to be repeated once or twice annually to keep your smile shiny white for years to come.

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Aya S.

Doctor Dina is an amazing professional and all the stuff is super friendly. I had an emergency and she even stayed late to treat me so I won't wait the whole weekend (this was on friday)

Celia L.

Attractive, state of the art facility. Friendly, thorough and expert staff. Very reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

Arianna P.

I’m so happy I found Sunny Isles Dental!! It is so refreshing to find truly genuine, professionals in the medical industry here in South Florida!! I highly recommend this practice.
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