Same Day Crowns

If you have broken, missing, or decayed teeth, or very large fillings, dental crowns, bridges, or onlays/ inlays may be the ideal restorative solutions for you. Porcelain-based tooth restorations provide a natural look and feel to the teeth as they blend in with the rest of your smile. At Sunny Dental, Dr. George and his team carefully match the color of the porcelain material to your tooth enamel, ensuring your smile looks natural. Furthermore, we use cutting-edge CEREC technology to prepare same-day crowns and restorations, so you don’t have to worry about temporary crowns.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a cap, the same shape as your tooth, used to protect the tooth structure. Unlike fillings, a crown covers the complete surface of the tooth, thereby acting as a protective cap for weak or compromised tooth enamels. The dentist must prepare the tooth to provide the dental crown — this involves removing the external tooth structure and filing the tooth down to a stub. The permanent crown is then attached to the tooth. Porcelain replicates the shiny look of teeth, giving a more natural appearance.

You may need a dental crown in the following situations:

  • You have an extremely large cavity that can’t be filled with dental fillings, onlays, or inlays.
  • You have undergone a root canal treatment — the dental crown protects the weakened tooth.
  • You have a dental implant — the dental crown replaces a missing tooth.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to fill gaps between one or more missing teeth. A bridge is identical to three or four crowns fused together. It is supported by the healthy teeth on both sides of the area where the bridge has been installed, with false crowns between them. Apart from filling tooth gaps, bridges also help in maintaining facial shape and in preventing other teeth from drifting into the gap caused by missing teeth. However, since a dental bridge is supported by abutment teeth, the surrounding teeth must be filed down to receive crowns.

You may need a dental bridge if you’re missing several teeth in a single row.

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Dental Inlays

Dental Inlays/ Onlays

Dental inlays and dental onlays are restorations used to fill cavities — they’re larger than fillings but not as intrusive as dental crowns. As such, your dentist may recommend onlays or inlays if your cavity is too advanced for a filling but not enough for a crown. Dental inlays fill the cavities and hollows in the areas between the cusps. Dental onlays fill the cavities in larger areas, including the cusps. They’re made from porcelain to replicate the texture and appearance of natural teeth. Furthermore, they work similarly to dental crowns.

You may need a dental inlay/ onlay in the following situations:

  • You have too much damage for fillings but not enough for crowns.
  • You have sufficient remaining tooth structure to support the restoration.

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Same Day Restoration with CEREC Technology

Sunny Dental is a state-of-the-art dental clinic equipped with CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology. Traditionally, dentists had to take impressions of your teeth, send the dental mold and impressions to dental laboratories, and wait for the final dental restorations to arrive. The complete process took several weeks, during which period the patient had to wear temporary crowns and restorations. However, thanks to CEREC technology, we take impressions and produce precisely-fitted dental crowns, fillings, and restorations in-office. This allows us to complete the entire procedure in one session.

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Same-Day Crowns/ Bridges/ Inlays/ Onlays FAQs

How long does a crown procedure take?

The dental crown procedure usually takes between 60 to 90 minutes. The dentist must remove the infected or decayed parts of your tooth structure, cleanse your teeth, and take accurate impressions. Those impressions are then used to produce personalized dental crowns using CEREC technology. Once the dental crown is prepared, the dentist attaches it to the tooth.

What can you not do after getting a crown?

  • DON’T eat hard or crunchy foods that can damage the crown for the first day.
  • DON’T eat sticky foods that can pull at the crown for the first day.
  • DON’T open bottle caps or other objects with your teeth.

How long does a bridge and crown last?

With good oral hygiene, dental bridges and crowns can last 10 to 15 years or even more.

How much do same-day crowns cost?

The cost of same-day crowns depends on numerous factors, including the location of the crown. Please contact your dentist to discuss the cost of dental crowns.

Can a dentist do a crown in one day?

Yes, dentists can do dental crowns in one day using CEREC technology — this allows them to produce dental crowns in-office rather than relying on dental laboratories.

What are crowns made of?

Dental crowns can be made of numerous materials, such as gold, silver amalgam, and others. However, porcelain crowns are the most natural — porcelain replicates the texture and appearance of natural enamel.

Will my dental crown look and feel different from my other teeth?

Your porcelain dental crown will look exactly like your other teeth. The dentist will color the crown according to the exact shade of your teeth. Furthermore, porcelain has the same texture and translucence as enamel, making it look just like your natural teeth.

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Sunny Dental is a luxurious dental clinic equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technologies for dental restoration. We use CEREC technology to prepare same-day dental crowns, dental bridges, dental inlays, and dental onlays. Furthermore, the color of the porcelain is accurately matched with the color of your teeth to ensure they blend perfectly. This allows you to walk out of the clinic with a beautiful smile while preserving as much of the tooth structure as possible. Please schedule an appointment at our dental clinic in Sunny Isles Beach, FL, for more information.