The wisdom teeth, known to everyone as the third molars, are the final set of molars to erupt inside the orifice of the mouth. It is not necessary to keep in order retaining a beautiful smile and they can be removed. In fact, they can cause harm if they do not come in properly, resulting in toothache and gum ache. Wisdom teeth that only partially emerge can also lead to painful crowding and diseases which significantly cause oral trauma.

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction at Sunny Isles Beach FL is done in a single outpatient procedure. At Sunny Isles Dental, modern anesthetics are used so that the entire treatment can be painless. For the Wisdom Tooth Extraction at Sunny Isles Beach FL, the dentist will inject a local anesthetic to numb the area for a while where the tooth will be removed. A general anesthetic is provided which prevents pain in the whole body and will cause sleepiness throughout the entire procedure. To remove the wisdom tooth, the dentist will gently open the gum tissue over the tooth and take out any extra bone that is covering the affected tooth. Inside the Wisdom Tooth Extraction at Sunny Isles Beach FL, after removal of the teeth, the patient is likely to experience pain and swelling inside the mouth with additional bleeding. The patient over the course of a few days should not consume any solid foods, alcohol, coffee, and hot beverages following the procedure.

After the wisdom tooth is removed with the help of the Wisdom Tooth Extraction at Sunny Isles Beach FL, the patient will require stitches. Some stitches easily dissolve over time and some have to be removed after a few days. It will be on the dentist’s call whether the stitches will be ready for removal. For the alleviated pain, the patient can take a prescription pain killer. To help with the swelling, an ice pack is necessary to minimize inflammation.

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