Get to Know More About Take-Home Smile Whitening

Having the teeth whitened is one of the most popular services people avail of nowadays. As a result, a wide variety of products can now be purchased over the counter. Aside from this, dental offices also offer teeth whitening systems. The problem is, most OTC products are ineffective while others think of in-office treatments as not too convenient due to their busy schedules. Fortunately, there is an answer—Take-Home Smile Whitening!

At Sunny Isles Dental, we offer the said treatment for it to be used by patients in the comfort of their own homes while having the effectiveness of the in-office approach at the same time. How is this possible? Because, instead of buying whitening trays online or in stores, take-home trays are crafted by dental professionals themselves. To know more about the said teeth whitening option, continue reading below.

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Using Take-Home Smile Whitening

This teeth whitening option is not something that can be bought off the shelves. Instead, dentists create whitening trays for each patient to make sure that the agents used will be distributed evenly on the teeth. 

Here are the steps involved in getting take-home smile whitening:

  • The dentist will take impressions of the patient’s upper and lower dental arches using dental putty. Once ready, these will then be sent to an off-site laboratory to make the trays which usually takes around one to two weeks to complete.
  • A record of the patient’s current teeth shade will be recorded to serve as a reference after the treatment.
  • As soon as the trays are ready, patients are asked to see the dentist for them to demonstrate how to dispense and apply the whitening solution accurately. They would also provide other instructions necessary to achieve the best possible results.
  • Before wearing the whitening tray, patients are advised to brush, floss, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Take-home smile whitening is usually used an hour every day for two weeks. But depending on the system used, some should be left overnight. When whitening, patients are advised to avoid drinking, eating, or smoking during and 30 minutes after the whitening session.
  • After two weeks of use, patients are then advised to book a dental appointment for the dentist to check the progress of the treatment and also to compare the current shade of the teeth from the one taken before it started.
  • If touch-ups are needed, the dentist may provide additional teeth whitening solution.

With the help of Take-Home Smile Whitening, it is now more convenient for people to achieve the smile they have always dreamed of.

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