For several years now, dentures have served as the solution for people who suffer from edentulism (the condition of being toothless at some degree). Despite the availability of newer options in the market, people still tend to opt for the traditional approach. For those who are thinking twice of getting the restorative appliance, know that dentures do more than just replacing lost structures. It also allows patients to regain normal functions that became more challenging after losing teeth. Aside from its aesthetic and functional benefits, denture-wearers can also enjoy improved oral, general, and even psychological health.


Dentures may be artificial, but it still deserves to be maintained well. Although getting cavities on the dental appliance is no longer possible, it is still imperative to observe the right oral care practices. Doing so secures the longevity of dentures and the health of the other oral structures as well.


To make sure that only the right denture care is performed, we at Sunny Isles Dental prepared a list of tips!

  • Make sure to rinse dentures after taking it off and putting it back in the mouth to avoid the accumulation of bacteria.
  • When cleaning, it is best to take precaution by placing a towel on the counter or filling the sink with water to avoid breakage.
  • Do not use hot water or let dentures dry out since these practices can cause the appliance to warp beyond wear.
  • The use of a hard-bristled toothbrush and abrasive toothpaste is a no-no since doing so can cause serious damage to the appliance.
  • Patients should not attempt to whiten their dentures using bleach since it will only make matters worse. Aside from discoloration, it may also cause the metal framework to corrode.
  • Considering teeth whitening products? Know that these actually would not work with any prosthesis. Instead, it can even harm the dentures due to its abrasiveness.
  • When taking out dentures, do not just wrap them in a piece of cloth or tissue. Doing so increases the likelihood of misplacement or mistaking the appliance as trash.
  • It is best to visit the dentist as advised or if any irregularities with the appliance are encountered.


At our practice, patients can expect that after getting dentures, the dentist would be giving tips on how to properly care for the type of denture availed by a particular patient. It is done to help every denture-wearer enjoy their dental restorations longer!


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