What Is the Difference Between Crown and Bridges – Sunny Isles Beach, FL?

Both dental bridges and dental crowns are fixed and restorative dental prosthetics that are anchored and fixed with the help of dental cement to our original, existing teeth. They can also be used to cover our dental implants as well if we have undergone the treatment for them. The dental crown is mainly used to cover or cap the teeth that are damaged and decayed, whereas the dental bridges are used to cover the gaps between two missing teeth, they are known to “bridge” the gaps between them. The dental bridges are cemented to the spot where original teeth once stood, but are no longer there and help restore our smiles and also give us our teeth strength and naturality back. Both dental crowns and bridges tend to do the same job- restoring the strength of our teeth. However, their benefits and uses are not just limited to this, the dental crowns and bridges also help in the overall improvement of the appearance of our teeth, their shape, their alignment, and the overall bite of our mouth.

When our teeth suffer from any damage or decay, no matter how major or minor, it tends to leave an impact on our overall dental health, this can result in our teeth becoming loose, they could shift from their original spot and this could lead to the causation of various dental issues – both major and minor. Dental crowns and bridges thus, help in the prevention of all these things from happening. The versatility of both dental crowns and bridges makes them stand apart in the field of dentistry. They are efficient in their purpose and are natural looking ( because they are made out of either composite resin or porcelain, both of which are biocompatible).

While dental crowns tend to cap our teeth that are suffering from damages, the dental bridges, on the other hand, tend to cover the gaps and correct our bites and the imbalances in our mouth, otherwise known as the TMJ disorders. While both tend to safeguard and protect our teeth against the hostile environment they are prone to; their functionalities differ in certain ways.

Both dental crowns and bridges tend to last for a long time if taken care of properly. If taken good measures, as far as our oral health is concerned, crowns and bridges can last a lifetime. However, sometimes they might fall off or tend to get loose because of various reasons like dental diseases and infections. Therefore, maintaining good oral health practices is must when considering the option of crowns and bridges.

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