Frequently Asked Questions About Laughing Gas in Sunny Isles Beach, FL

It takes real courage to be in the dental chair for long hours, bearing with the sound of the different dental equipment while maintaining a relaxed demeanor. While some don’t have an issue with dental fear and anxiety, others are unfortunately not comfortable of undergoing a certain dental procedure. With that being said, we at Sunny Isles Dental make it a goal to deliver dental care services to patients in a more favorable manner. With the help of Anxiety Free Dentistry, anyone can confidently overcome their uneasiness with the dentist.


Relaxed Patient


Here at Sunny Isles Dental, patients have two sedation dentistry options: Light Oral Conscious Sedation and Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide). When compared to the first one mentioned, laughing gas is more popular and commonly received by both young and adult patients. Since it can be acquired easily by inhaling in a mask with gas and oxygen, people are often impressed by how safe it is. In fact, kids can even avail of laughing gas too! If you are curious about this type of sedative, get information from these FAQs:

What is the reason why Nitrous Oxide is termed “Laughing Gas”?

Nitrous Oxide is famous for its nickname “laughing gas.” Upon hearing the term, you might probably be thinking of the kind of sedation that causes people to laugh uncontrollably or embrace a euphoric feeling. But in reality, laughing gas doesn’t necessarily make a person giggle! Instead, it allows patients to stay calm and at ease while having the procedure.

When is laughing gas needed?

Patients who are required for root canal therapy, teeth extractions, and other extensive or multiple treatments can benefit from laughing gas. However, those who are in need of any dental procedures, even the simplest one, but are still frightened; they can take advantage of laughing gas as well.

What are the side effects associated with laughing gas?

The good news is, laughing gas has no lasting side effects! Which means, you should be able to drive home safely after your dental visit.

Dental fear is a serious matter. It can hinder a person from receiving adequate dental care that the overall oral health needs. Luckily, Anxiety Free Dentistry is available nowadays.


For more information about Laughing Gas under  Anxiety Free Dentistry in Sunny Isles Beach, FL, be sure to contact Sunny Isles Dental today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible dental health results.