Weird Facts About the Oral Health- Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Caring for the teeth does not only mean brushing and flossing regularly. What many people neglect is the health of the surrounding structures and tissues, which may affect the overall oral health. At Sunny Isles Dental, we provide oral exams to monitor the dental health of our patients and prevent dental issues from arising.


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Today, stories and rumors are becoming more and more mainstream, and dentistry can’t get away with it. Here is a list of teeth facts that you probably heard or may sound new to you.

Teeth tattoos

No space for body tattoo? Why not try it on the teeth. Tattoos on teeth became a fashion trend that swept many people nationwide. These tattoos are not however placed on natural and unrestored teeth to avoid damage. You may think that having your body inked is cool, but a tooth tattoo is far way too unique.

Tooth worm

During the Babylonian times, people actually believed that toothaches were caused by tooth worms, which by the way are non-existent. The belief was present all throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, and all of America. There were even ‘tooth worm hunters’ who were paid to scrape out the worms.

World War II effect

Brushing the teeth was not popular and observed in America until the soldiers from World War II brought home the habit of cleaning and brushing their teeth.

Imperfections are beautiful

Being cute and beautiful varies with different cultures. It is mainly observed in Japan, where “Yaeba” or snaggletooth is considered to be attractive.

The Queen’s order

An archbishop was ordered by Queen Elizabeth to take out two of his teeth just to prove that tooth extraction is not painful and is safe.

A tooth in the nose?

There was an incident where a man kept on having nosebleeds for over several years. It did not happen once or twice, but many times! How inconvenient might it be? Well, only he knows. To determine the cause, he went to a doctor, but what the doctor discovered blew them away. There was a tooth in his nasal cavity. Fortunately, it was removed thereafter.

Taking good care of the teeth and mouth are an essential part of oral hygiene but do not forget to visit the dentist once every six months. Have oral examinations if possible; by doing so, you are likely to reduce the risks of acquiring dental problems that would cause too much trouble in the end.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Oral Exams in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. Book your appointment with us at Sunny Isles Dental and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!